Home Renovation VS Gym

I’ve been wasting my money on a gym membership for the past two years. I really should have been volunteering myself to paint houses, move ladders, and remove kitchen cabinets. But really. I don’t know if my arms and shoulders have ever been more sore. Of course, I’m incredibly happy with how the kitchen is turning out. By the time I’m done, we’ll have a gorgeous kitchen AND toned arms!

But anyways, on closing day this was the state of our kitchen.

2016-03-03 13.51.09


A perfectly fine kitchen, sans stove and refrigerator, but the cabinets and counters (while not my style) are in good condition. We plan on doing a kitchen renovation in a year or two but we want to save our pennies and figure out how we best use the space until we invest in a new kitchen.

Until then, we’re doing a sort of Phase 1 of the kitchen. This includes

-new appliances

-paint walls

-raise/reconfigure upper cabinets

2016-03-04 12.00.47


I was unable to get a picture of us removing the cabinets, but you know, someone (me) had to hold the cabinets while Munsell removed them from the wall. So instead you get a picture of me prepping the walls for paint. Sorry!

2016-03-04 22.00.02


After way too much thinking, I ended up going with Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray in their Cashmere line. It went on beautifully and I’m loving the color. It looks gorgeous against the white trim.

Anyways, I better get back to painting. We have the other half of the kitchen to paint along with the entry, and living room since they are all connected. Toned arms are on their way, right?






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