Death defying painting

Ladders kind of freak me out. I don’t know why, and the normal 8 foot ones are fine but the ones that take you 15 feet into the air? Freaky. I love the vaulted ceiling in our new house, don’t get me wrong. But man are they a pain to paint and cut in.

Here’s the part your suppose to skip Mother Dear so you don’t freak out 🙂



Sorry for the blurry picture, good help is so hard to find these days (love you honey!)

The good news is Munsell has gotten pretty good at rolling. And Pippin is an excellent helper too.

2016-03-06 19.47.31


The other good news is the kitchen/dining area are done!

2016-03-05 19.40.36-1

Munsell and my father-in-law (also named Munsell for those who don’t know) worked together to get the upper cabinets re-installed a little higher so the microwave would fit.

And because I needed some instant gratification painting can’t provide, I had to throw in the table (the other 2 chairs have yet to be moved in) and my little succulent planter.

2016-03-07 17.48.16


It really is the little things 🙂

Now the goal is to finish the entry and living room tonight and help Munsell prep the fireplace for new tile! Hopefully I can update you all on that on Thursday.



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