Fireplace Part 2

I have pictures again! Yay! So last time I left off, we had prepped the fireplace with cement board for tile and I gave you a sneak peak of the tile we had chosen, this lovely carrara marble mosaic from The Tile Shop.

2016-03-11 11.45.57

At this point, we laid out the tile in the general shape of the fireplace surround and taped off the actual shape of the fireplace so we could see what tiles needed cut.


We realized in taping off that we actually would only need to do 3 lengths of cuts.  But each cut 18 times. So, including mistakes and bad pieces that lead to about 65 cuts. In order to make things easier, we labeled each length A,B, or C. That way we only needed to adjust the tile saw fence 3 times. We used my dad’s tile saw (thanks Daddy!!) and there was definitely a learning curve.

Also, I apparently didn’t get any pictures of us cutting tile OR mixing the thinset and laying the tile. I know, I’m a horrible blogger. But instead, with the power of the internet, magically here is our tiled fireplace!


After three days of letting the tile set, we were now ready for grouting! This was my favorite part. It wasn’t as nerve racking as the tile saw or as frenzied as laying the tile before the thinset hardened. AND it hides (almost) all the mistakes. All the imperfections, too small/large spacing magically disappear with grout and it ends up looking all smooth and uniform. Its like foundation. Kinda.


I would push grout into all the cracks and make a giant mess and Munsell would come back through with a damp sponge and clean up. Its basically the definition of our relationship.


Oh, and that tiny piece of tile on the right that looks weird? Yeah, it fell off during grouting. It (thankfully) didn’t break and we quickly mixed up some thinset and put it back in place, but we’ll have to wait a few days to grout around it.

Until then, now that the fireplace is done we can move on to planking!







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