What we’ve been up to…

So it’s been a month since I last posted…sorry about that. We officially moved into the house (yay!!!) and my new job started as well and general life events just happened. Last time we left off, we were planking the fireplace wall.


We wanted to create a gap between the drywall and planks as room for cords to run up to the TV. After years of living with more wires and cables than a normal person should, I informed Munsell I didn’t want to see another wire in my living room and he graciously agreed. So 1x3s were screwed into the studs and tongue and groove planks were nailed/screwed into the 1x3s. The whole wall is incredibly sturdy and Munsell is happy and confident that it isn’t going anywhere.

2016-03-19 13.03.26

2016-03-20 13.12.09

We also stopped and took the time up hang up the TV. Here’s where productivity really went down…but look how pretty and wire-free it is!!!

We then started building the built-ins that will go on either side of the fireplace. I wish I had taken more pictures and be able to give more information on how we built these. But honestly it was a lot of Kreg-jiging and reading tutorials.

2016-03-21 22.22.26

Everything was painted white (after all, its me) and screwed into the 1x3s and planks. The fronts were trimed out with 1x2s and 1x3s for a more finished and chunkier look.

2016-04-24 08.27.14

Don’t mind the cat, at least I captured a moment when he wasn’t licking his butt.

2016-04-24 08.44.09

And this is where we’re at right now! We need to build the mantle, trim out the hearth, install the crown molding, build the lower cabinet doors, and then do touch up painting and seal everything with poly.

But in the meantime, last Sunday we were casually sitting outside talking about how to finally finish up the master bathroom so we can actually use it. We planned on painting the cabinet because it still smelled like smoke. And putting all my clean linen in a smoke-filled cabinet didn’t sound like a great idea.

2016-04-24 10.46.01

So Munsell in his awesome spontaneous way (I mean that sincerely) decided he was going to just take out the cabinets. Which he proceeded to do before I had a chance to take a picture. Anyways, our goal was to either

  1. paint the cabinets with the paint sprayer in the garage if the floor tile didn’t continue under
  2. get a whole new vanity if the floor tile did extend under the cabinet

Well guess what??

2016-04-24 11.41.55

It extended under the cabinet!! YAY!!! We immediately started planning our vanity. We wanted a double vanity but those are SOOOO expensive. So like the crazy people we are, we’re building it. We came across these plans from Ana White, and we’ve built quite a few things of hers before with success so we’re hoping for more here!

Once all the cabinets were out, I cleaned, patched, and sanded the walls for Kilz primer and paint. See those lovely brown streaks? That’s nicotine dripping down the walls from hot water condensation and smoking.


Don’t smoke kids. It ruins your lungs and your walls.

2016-04-24 16.23.39

I just finished priming last night, but wasn’t able to get a good picture, but that’s basically where were at right now. Our priorities are the mantle, crown molding, and vanity building for the next week so let’s hope we can knock those out!

Whew! I’m tired just from filling you guys in! I’m going to try and start posting weekly again, now that things have slowed down. Kind of. Not really. Do they ever? Oh well





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