My Mother’s Fault

By now I’ve gotten the question multiple times about why/how Munsell and I are renovating our home, building furniture, and in general driving ourselves insane.


My mom likes to tell this story of how one night she found me, 12 years old, in my room sitting on the floor and attempting to learn how to knit with pencils and scrap yarn. YouTube tutorials were nonexistent, so I was looking through an old library book. I was obviously having some difficulty, but I was convinced I could teach myself.


A few days later I came home from school to find a kid’s craft kit on how to knit. It included yarn, needles, and instructions that made sense to a 12 year old. My mom had no idea how to knit and was probably confused why I was so intent on learning it. Nevertheless, she supported me and provided me with the tools to learn a skill.

Of course, now I have this great desire to learn everything. Cooking, tiling, crafting, building furniture, calligraphy. I have to try and do everything myself. Yeah, I’ll probably fail the first 10 times (my first knitting project was an asymmetrical American Girl scarf) but the 11th time when you finally succeed is unlike anything else.

Scan_20160506 (2)


My parents were also DIYers themselves. So I did grow up around saws, nail guns, and paint. But even they admit Munsell and I take it to another level…

Speaking of Munsell…


He also grew up with a mother who was incredibly encouraging and supportive. At 17, he convinced himself he was going to build a computer. He hardly knew what to get, but he told his mom what he wanted to do and she went out and got all the supplies he needed (she knew even less about building computers than he did). Again, we see that our mothers supported us in our stubborn desires to create and learn.


So I guess, in a way. Our ridiculousness and insanity we cause ourselves is our mothers’ fault. They encouraged us to think, learn, and create. To take nothing and make something. And its addicting. We have a torn apart bathroom, handmade 3-D printer, and sewing machine on our dining room table as proof.

So a big thank you to our Moms. For your constant support and encouragement. Your ability to make us laugh when we’re frustrated and try again. We wouldn’t be who we are without you.


Love you all the way to Waterville and Westerville and back 🙂

Marissa and Munsell



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