Making lemonade

Last Friday, Munsell was about to leave for work when he closed the garage door to find this:

2016-08-19 08.23.51

Why on earth this happened to us is still a mystery. No other houses in our neighborhood were hit. And after talking with our neighbors, nothing like this had ever happened before either. We have a few theories, but for the most part we think the family who lived here before us had a son named John who was a teenager and unfortunately teenagers (either John or his friends maybe?) don’t always make the best decisions. The police were called and they came and filed a report but said there was little else they could do. Insurance covered vandalism, but in a case like this is was cheaper for us to pay out of pocket.

Point is however, we had to figure out a way to remove the spray paint. Munsell had just gotten a pressure washer the day before, so that was Plan A.

2016-08-19 09.10.42-1

Clearly Plan A didn’t work. It lightened it a bit, but not a lot. A sweet neighbor came over and offered us some straight up acetone to remove it-Plan B. Which actually worked decently well! It didn’t remove everything though, it mostly just smudged it. So we finally assigned ourselves to Plan C-paint.

Random side note-yes those are weeds growing out of the planters that were left by the previous owners. We’ve been busy with the inside. Don’t judge.

Now since we were painting, and if you know me you know I love to take advantage of opportunities, I wanted to paint it other than white. Our garage is honestly the focal point of our house, the stark white draws your eye to it and the recessed front door just gets lost. So I had been thinking of painting it anyways I just wasn’t sure of the color. I grabbed my Sherwin Williams color wheel and came across a strip that looked similar to the color of the siding.

2016-08-19 14.33.53

Balanced beige wasn’t a perfect match, but we felt as though it had similar tones so it would work well.

We removed the weather stripping around the garage and starting painting! One coat later and we were already loving it!

2016-08-19 18.58.14-1

Second coat later and we were done! For $50 we had a brand new looking garage!

2016-08-26 10.39.46

Now one of my theories is that friends of John decided to pull a prank and spray paint his house. And since we haven’t done anything to the outside they probably assumed he still lived there. So now I’ve decided to start fixing up the outside more, starting with the planters that had been growing weeds all summer long.

The standard trick is something tall, something colorful, and draping greenery (courtesy of Phil & Laura Enderle). But after being overwhelmed at Home Depot and calling my mom to ask her opinion I ended up nixing the something tall and went with fall mums, ornamental kale, and some draping green plant that I already forgot the name of. Sorry!

2016-08-25 19.41.43

Next up! Painting the front door! I’m already basically sold on navy blue. I think that would look lovely personally.

2016-08-26 10.40.01

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